Погода в Киеве


Погода в Житомире


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Ред Стоун 26.09-28.09 – participation in the building exhibition in Yalta.

We hope, that the natural granite stone will add and will emphasize the beauty of Crimea, – in the near future one of the best European resorts.


Ред Стоун We are looking for regional representatives in Ukraine, and official dealers in Russia, Baltic States and Europe.

05.05.2003 New products

We start manufacturing sawn-chipped stone blocks (Gabbro) and facing tiles of "rock" type (from Gabbro, labradorite, Kapustjanske deposit)


Ред Стоун 29.05.-01.06.2003 Exhibition Stone+tec 2003

In Nurnberg, Germany the well-known exhibition Stone+tec 2003 will be carried out .
As Germany is the biggest consumer of stone, the representatives of our company will necessary visit it and offer our production to the German market.








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